Lau Siu-lai plans to give up appeal for her LegCo seat – hong kong columns – translated

Lau Siu-lai plans to give up appeal for her LegCo seat; whether she can contest in by-election remains uncertain

2 seats in LegCo remain vacated. The oaths of Leung Kwok-hung and Lau Siu-lai were ruled invalid. The two politicians made appeals in relation to the case. High Court will handle the case in April 2019, taking up two days. now News learnt that Lau Siu-lai planned to cancel her appeal case.
Four were disqualified but only Leung and Lau made appeals – this is clearly a means but not ends, with an aim to split one more by-election and boost the winning odds of the pan-dem camp.
Yet the first by-election is over. Democrats’ analysis suggested that there is no longer such a need to buy time with such a huge cost, so the appeal should be cancelled ASP and put more resources on by-election. now News asked Lau and she said no decision has been made as discussion with pan-dem camp is still in the pipeline.
If Lau Siu-lai can contest again in the Kowloon West by-election, this is in line with political ethics, but the key is whether she can get through under the tight grip of the returning officer.
Lau’s oath was ruled invalid because of the form and content but not her political stance. Lau supports democratic self-determination but not ethnic/national self-determination, and she is against independence.

Some pan-dem politicians recently asked SCMA Patrick Nip about Lau’s chance to contest. It is learnt that Nip did not give a certain comment, but he cited Agnes Chow that Demosisto’s agenda includes democratic self-determination, so that includes independence as an option, so Nip asked how can we let Chow join the race.