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Assorted: Some KMB Drivers Join Strike; Strike Launcher Wants to Go Petition at Govt House

As some KMB drivers felt dissatisfied about KMB’s new salary scheme, which includes some cash awards to the basic salary without the consent of all staff members. Monthly Salary Bus Drivers Alliance launched an industrial action at 8pm. At Mody Road bus terminus, convenor and spokesperson Yip Wai-lam should drive her 234X bus to Bayview Garden at 8pm but she did not. She stopped driving for half an hour, but since KMB threatened drivers not to participate or else there will be retribution. Thus, she decided to extend the strike to 12am. The action will continue in Yuet Lun Street Depot in Lai Chi Kok. Actions will be taken next Monday, she said.

KMB said drivers who breached codes will surely need to go through severe disciplinary actions. KMB Employees Union chairman Kwok Chi-shing, who supports Yip, said if some drivers are fired due to the strike, the union will launch a strike. Kwok hopes Transport Dept, Labour Dept, Transport and Housing Bureau and CE to intervene.

KMB staff also went to the bus terminus and required the strike participants to switch off the buses. Yip Wai-lam also said she planned to go to Govt House and have petition to the CE. KMB said except Mody Road bus terminus, most of the other routes are operating as usual.