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Some KMB Drivers to Have Industrial Action Tonight at 8pm; Stop by Road for At Least 0.5h

Yip Wai-lam, spokesperson of Monthly Salary Bus Drivers Alliance, told the press that some KMB bus drivers will participate in the industrial action tonight. The industrial action will involve KMB bus drivers stopping by a safe location and pressing the horn for 10 seconds at 8pm tonight for at least half an hour. Yip said the salary review as stated by KMB is not sincere enough as it’s only a “figures game”, merely putting other cash awards to the basic salary part. Receiving the least salary in the company, monthly salary drivers were not consulted, Yip said. Currently these monthly salary drivers cannot afford to be sick because of the attendance cash award ($6,000/half year after evaluation), or else the award will be deducted. The aim of the industrial action was to ask KMB to give these cash award without such evaluation and attendance requirement. The action will be continued until 12am if KMB has no further responses.

She also criticised KMB not to have follow-up and no emotional support was provided to drivers. Yip also said she is psychologically prepared to be punished by the bus company due to the industrial action. If bus drivers are not united enough, she will leave this alliance, which is formed in few days. Yip also slammed that KMB has no sincerity to negotiate.

Further industrial action might be scheduled on 26 Feb, she added. Yip also said drivers said the industrial action will be informed to passengers before they hop on buses. At least one lane will be reserved for other road users. The police force has followed up and will monitor the latest update of the action.

About 5,000 drivers are receiving a low salary, so KMB’s proposal cannot satisfy most drivers’ needs.