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ca 1920: KMB Employer Side: 2 Main Worker Unions in KMB Won’t Join Strike

Godwin So, KMB General Manager (Corporate Planning and Business Development) said two main worker unions in KMB will not participate in the industrial action. So emphasized that the recent salary optimisation will not affect the semiannual salary review. Leung Kin-wang, KMB Operations Director, added that in the semiannual review, comment collection will be conducted in advance to ensure a quicker implementation. Leung also urged those who are interested in joining the strike to think twice and not to use unsafe method. So also reiterated that the door is open, but that is contrary to what Yip Wai-lam, spokesperson of Monthly Salary Bus Drivers Alliance said.

In response to whether KMB will punish strike-joining drivers, Leung said there are codes for drivers to follow, but refused to answer directly.