Invasion of the mind-reading politically neutral civil servants

by biglychee / Today, 10:20

Another would-be candidate in Hong Kong’s forthcoming by-elections, Lau Wing-hong, is barred from the ballot. The decision seems to hinge mostly on the Returning Officer’s ability to telepathically determine if someone has, deep within their soul, changed their opinion about an abstract concept. Chief Executive Carrie Lam meanwhile says the disqualification of Agnes Chow has nothing to do with her, as she was in Switzerland, presumably after taking the wrong MTR line while shopping for toilet paper.

On cue, Hong Kong drops down the rankingsin a survey on democracy-ness. The city is now on a par with Namibia and Paraguay. Both countries – one the home of the Bastards, the other formerly ruled by fascist dictator Alfredo Stroessner – might object that they no longer disenfranchise the people or rig ballots, and do not deserve to be placed at Hong Kong’s level. A Beijing official, dismayed that Hong Kong still qualifies as even a ‘flawed’ democracy, promises to put this right.