‘Abduction’ victim discharged from hospital

The man at the centre of allegations of abduction and torture by mainland agents was discharged from hospital on Saturday morning after having staples removed from his leg that he said were the result of torture. Howard Lam told reporters at Queen Mary Hospital on Saturday morning that he felt physically and mentally exhausted after his ordeal this week. Lam was speaking a day after a news conference at which he displayed injuries that he said were inflicted during his abduction, when he said up to five Mandarin-speaking men warned him not to send an autographed picture of Barcelona football star Lionel Messi to Liu Xia, the widow of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo. Lam also expressed doubt about a planned investigation into his allegations, saying he’s talked to police, but is not confident that their investigation will uncover the truth. Meanwhile, about 30 police officers followed up Lam’s claim, and questioned staff at shops on Nathan Road on Saturday and said they also planned to check CCTV footage. Earlier on Saturday, Civic Party lawmaker, Jeremy Tam, said the alleged abduction will erode public trust in government plans to allow national law to operate in an area of the West Kowloon terminus that will be leased by the mainland. Tam also criticized the stance of the Hong Kong Commissioner of Police, Stephen Lo, who said on Friday that had asked detectives from the West Kowloon Regional Crime Unit to follow the matter up. Lo also said it’s illegal for overseas law enforcement agencies to operate in Hong Kong. “That event is actually unacceptable to any Hong Kong people,” Tam said, referring to the alleged abduction, and he described Lo’s comment as “weak”. Last updated: 2017-08-12 HKT 13:05