​Assorted: Democrat Howard Lam Claims He’s taken away in HK, Beaten & Imprisoned by PRC Law Enforcement Agents

During the P/C this morning, Democratic Party member Howard Lam Tsz-kin said that he was taken away by two Mandarin-speaking men in Mong Kok yesterday (10 Aug), and he suspected them as PRC law enforcement agents. Lam showed that his thigh had over a dozen injuries caused by staplers, which are still unremoved.

Lam said he was borught to countryside, where he was not allowed to leave, questioned and beaten. The incident was because Lam planned to send a football shirt with the signature of Lionel Messi to Liu Xia, wife of Liu Xiaobo. The two agents asked Lam whether he is acquainted with Liu Xia.
Lam said three days ago he received a WhatsApp call, receiving a warning from a mainland friend about “not to send the photo with Messi’s signature to Liu Xia or you will bear the consequences”.
Lam reported the case to Martin Lee and Albert Ho, but they believed there is no problem. Around 4 pm yesterday, Lam wanted to buy a football shirt for a friend in Portland St, Mong Kok. Two Mandarin-speaking men touched Lam’s shoulder and asked to talk to him. Lam was later brought on a private car and made unconscious. Lam’s phone was later taken away and switched off, and he was covered with some unknown chemical before becoming unconscious. He said he was later beaten by hard objects, and his limbs were tied when he became awake, with his clothes taken off and eyes bound.
Later Lam said he was taken to a country side and asked by the agents, “are you an acquiantance of Liu Xia? why are you so nosy?” He was criticised of unpatrotic, and heckled whether he’s a Christian. One of the agents sent him a crucifix. His stomach was beaten, and later his thighs were stapled. He screamed but his mouth was covered by a towel. He said the environment was quiet with cicadas, so he assumed it should be a country side, but he doesn’t know whether it’s Hong Kong or Mainland. He smelled some unknown chemical and felt unconscious again.
Lam woke up in the early hours today on a beach with all his belongings intact. He said he was so afraid and did not know whether it’s Mainland or Hong Kong. He took a taxi and knew it was Sai Kung. Lam said the man asked him not to disclose the incident or “you will have troubles even studying in the US”. He estimated he was taken away for about 9 hours.
Lam believed that about four to five agents were involved in total, and he planned to send the signed photo to HK Alliance. He did not know where Liu Xia is located. 
Lee Cheuk-yan stressed that HKers will not be intimidated and will continue to support Liu Xia, and hoped the police to arrest the people who taken away Lam ASAP. Lam said this brings out a message: those who have a different view with the regime may also be intimidated or treated with violence. Lam said the State agents knew his character that he will disclose the incident, so the staples on his body was the warning to the Hong Kong public.