Yuen Long district councilor arrested in anti-triad operation

Yuen Long District Council member Tang Lai-tung is said to have been arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of being a triad member, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

A police undercover agent, who has penetrated the targeted triad gang since last August, was instrumental in the arrest of 299 people during a police operation in the district.

Among those arrested with Tang were suspected leaders of the Wo Shing Wo triad society, including Cheung Chuen-hon, also known as “Johnny”, and Tsuen Tsai, as well as Tsuen Tsai’s aide known as “Japanese Boy”.

Johnny was reportedly present at a controversial dinner in a seafood restaurant in Lau Fau Shan with aides of former Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying when he was running in the CE election back in 2012 along with members of the Heung Yee Luk.

Johnny had reportedly “convinced” senior members of the gang to throw their support behind Tsuen Tsai, who recently became the group’s leader.

Johnny, who is over 50 years old, has been involved in politics for a long time, hk01.com reported.

Originally a villager from Yuen Long’s Tong Yan San Tsuen, Johnny went to the UK and the Netherlands to run his businesses, before returning to the district several years ago and made a name for himself by making Wo Shing Wo a strong force along with 14K, another triad gang, in Yuen Long.

Johnny is influential despite keeping a low profile, and has reportedly assisted many businesses in their ventures in Yuen Long. He also owns many properties in the district.

Tang, who was arrested years ago in connection with a money laundering case, is said to be associated with members of 14K, but he has denied those allegations.

Known as “Toad Tung”, Tang is not only the chairperson of the Ha Tsuen Rural Committee, but also a member of the District Council.

It is believed that he has been friends with Johnny for a long time. When Tang’s son got married in 2015, Johnny was invited to the banquet, and Tang was also a guest at Johnny’s wedding anniversary banquet in January.

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