Govt may have to take over Hing Tak School: PTU

The chairman of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, Fung Wai-wah, said on Thursday that the Education Bureau may eventually have to consider taking over the management of Hing Tak School in Tuen Mun following allegations that it had inflated the number of students. Hing Tak School is accused of making up student numbers, and keeping the names of over 20 pupils who had been absent for up to two years on the student roster. But the school’s headmistress, Chan Cheung-ping, said these “phantom students” were on leave and therefore could not be removed from the register. Fung said the bureau has the power to appoint members to the school’s governing council, give specific instructions over any irregularities, and ask the council to dismiss the principal if she is uncooperative. And, if all else fails, the government should adopt what he called “an extraordinary approach” and take over the management of the school. Fung also told RTHK’s Janice Wong that the government should increase random inspections to curb such irregularities in future.