Alan Leong challenges Priscilla Leung to a debate

Civic Party chairman Alan Leong has challenged pro-government lawyer Priscilla Leung to an open debate over the controversial plan to give the mainland full jurisdiction in parts of the West Kowloon express rail terminus. Priscilla Leung is the spokeswoman of a new group set up by pro-establishment lawmakers, lawyers and academics in support of the proposal. She had previously said it was “misleading” for the opposition to describe the arrangement as “ceding land” to the mainland. Pro-democracy groups say the controversial plan is unconstitutional and have vowed to develop strategies to stop it. “The truth should always come out clearer through debates. That is why I wrote to the honourable Priscilla Leung as the spokesperson for this coalition of lawyers who obviously think that the co-location arrangement now proposed by the Carrie Lam administration will not be problematic,” Leong said. He told RTHK’s Frances Sit that Leung’s group which claims that there is no damage to the Basic Law owes it to the public to explain their stance.