Sartorial disaster Peng highlights wondrousness of colonial era

Big Lychee, Various Sectors

The usually-obsequious Standard throws caution to the wind, denouncing visiting President-Chairman Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan’s choice of clothes. Quoting a fashion expert, the paper gives the stately and glamorous Peng an insulting 80 out of 100 for her drab costume, with its gruesomely oversized collar and too much grey (and those frightful shoes). How much better, the style guru declares, had she worn pink. At which precise moment, a charming shot of a past imperial visit pops up…

Hong Kong residents in 2017, with police swamping the streets, barriers lining footbridges and helicopters zipping overhead, will wonder at how relaxed things were in the old days – Queen Lizzie strolling in public with a couple of buddies, greedily eyeing the huge radishes. (That said, perhaps all is not as it seems: the observant among us will notice that someone had polished the wet-market pavement so fervently you could see your face in it.)

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