So should that be half full or half empty? – The Standard

Lawmaker Ann Chiang Lai-wan is suggesting the Legislative Council Commission arrange for the glasses that her colleagues use to lubricate their overused lips be left half empty as most of them don’t drink the water left for them anyway.

“Legco fills a glass for lawmakers, but most of the time the water is not finished, causing waste,” Chiang wrote on her Facebook account.

The commission told her that staff would be reminded to leave their charges with just the right amount of water.

A Chiang supporter suggested all lawmakers bring their own mugs to further reduce waste.

But many said no, using against her an argument of former Legco president and her party colleague Jasper Tsang Yok-sing, who once told Chiang to “consider speaking less meaningless things.”

Earlier this month, pro-Beijing lawmaker Chiang suggested the government form a platoon of cats that can kill rodents in back alleys.