Counsel’s remarks inappropriate, says Dennis Kwok

Counsel’s remarks inappropriate, says Dennis Kwok

Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok, who represents the legal sector in the Legislative Council, has criticised the remarks of a defence barrister in the trial of former policeman Franklin Chu.

Chu is accused of hitting a bystander with his baton during the 2014 Occupy protests.

At a pre-trial hearing on Friday, Chu’s counsel Peter Pannu said it was lucky the trial was being heard by a magistrate and not a jury “unless you are yellow”. The colour was a symbol of the pro-democracy civil disobedience movement.

Kwok said the counsel should withdraw what he said immediately.

“Whether it is to describe a piece of evidence or to describe the prosecutor, it is highly inappropriate because the courts, as we all known, will only rule on issues – legal issues, factual issues – based on the law and the evidence of that case, and will not have any political considerations whatsoever,” Kwok said.