Opposition pushes to impeach, condemn Holden Chow

Opposition pushes to impeach DAB lawmaker

Pro-democracy lawmakers on Friday vowed to plough ahead with plans to impeach DAB legislator Holden Chow, even after he resigned as the deputy chair of a Legco probe into the Chief Executive.

They are planning to file two motions to impeach and condemn Chow for alleged misconduct. But they are still working on the wording for the motions and plan to submit them to the Legco secretariat on Monday.

Chow stepped down from the Select Committee on Friday morning after days of mounting pressure over the revelation that he held secret talks with CY Leung and allowed him to change the suggested scope of an impending probe into his acceptance of HK$50 million from the Australian firm UGL.

Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting said the DAB lawmaker has lost his credibility and integrity.

During a House Committee meeting, Civic Party legislator Kwok Ka-ki said councillors are duty-bound to hold colleagues accountable for not fulfilling their duties.

But Chow hit back, criticising the opposition of blowing the controversy out of proportion and smearing him.

“I would like to reiterate that in dealing with this issue, I have never hidden anything, I have never breached any laws or regulations. I hope that members will not be moving these motions,” he said.

The pan-democratic lawmakers will also raise an impeachment motion against the outgoing Hong Kong leader.

Democrat James To said although Leung’s term ends in slightly over a month, as a matter of principle, they should start the procedure to remove him from office under the Basic Law.