Carrie Lam urged to scrap country park study

Carrie Lam urged to scrap country park study

Over a dozen green groups have petitioned the incoming Chief Executive Carrie Lam to withdraw plans to study the feasibility of building flats on the fringes of two country parks.

Paul Zimmerman of Designing Hong Kong accused the current Chief Executive CY Leung of trying to set a precedent so as to destroy the country parks for housing.

“It is the intent of CY is break the governance that we have in Hong Kong, among members of society that country park boundaries are sacrosanct,” he said.

Once we start creating a precedent and new laws, it will destroy our country parks, Zimmerman warned.

The country park proposal was also a concern raised by members of the Neighbourhood and Worker’s Service Centre during their meeting with Lam.

But the centre’s lawmaker Leung Yiu-chung said Lam refrained from commenting on policies by the current administration.

He said Lam did share her views on tackling some other tricky issues, such as the demand by the business sector for a larger subsidy to ease the sting of a plan to phase out the MPF offsetting mechanism. The next CE believes that government should not spend money on such business settlements, he said.