CY ‘stamping all over Legco’ with UGL move

CY ‘stamping all over Legco’ with UGL move

Pro-democracy lawmakers on Monday accused the Chief Executive, CY Leung, of trying to interfere with a future Legco probe into the HK$50 million he received from Australian firm, UGL, rejecting his claim that he has a right to have his say on the investigation.

The Legco Secretariat reportedly alerted legislators to the fact that a document suggesting the scope of the select committee investigation, submitted by DAB lawmaker Holden Chow, had been edited by the Chief Executive’s Office.

Pan-democratic legislators said Leung should have contacted the Legco Secretariat if he wanted to have an input, rather than making his views known in an “underhanded manner”.

Democratic Party legislator Helena Wong said Leung was stamping on the legislature, while Chow had been behaving as if he was an “undercover agent”.

Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok said Chow now had to resign from the select committee.

“The whole process, its integrity has been compromised as a result of Mr Holden Chow’s conduct. Now, not only should he resign, he should also disclose the full extent of his communication with the Chief Executive or the Chief Executive’s Office with regards to the work of the select committee”, Kwok said.

“A lot of taxpayer money and Legislative Council time has been spent on this select committee investigation. Because of his (Chow’s) conduct this whole investigation has been set back, its integrity compromised, and we may have to restart the whole process all over again because of what he did”, added Kwok.

Leung on Monday neither denied nor confirmed that his office had made changes to Chow’s document, but did say the office has a right to make suggestions on the scope of the investigation.