PTU urges Carrie Lam to put HK$10bn into education

PTU urges Carrie Lam to put HK$10bn into education

The Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU) on Thursday urged incoming Chief Executive Carrie Lam to inject an extra HK$10 billion into recurrent education expenditure from next year.

That would be double the amount Lam pledged in her election platform and bring the proportion of recurrent education expenditure to around 25 percent of total government spending.

The PTU came up with the proposal after interviewing some 3,000 teachers.

The union’s vice-president and education sector legislator, Ip Kin-yuen, said the level of funding Lam proposed isn’t enough to solve what he called “long-standing problems” in schools.

“If we are going to catch up with the prosperous countries as a whole, we need to expand our education expenditure,” Ip said.

“We are now still lagging behind, very far behind… I think that is not acceptable at all,” he said.