High-tech stamp of approval for projects – The Standard

Revitalization is a key component of Hong Kong’s heritage conservation efforts.

In 2013, Hongkong Post recognized this work by issuing a series of stamps featuring old buildings that had been given a new lease of life. Now, four years later, a second series of six stamps is about to be issued.

The six projects cover a wide range of buildings and revitalization approaches.

Two are in Wan Chai.

They are the Viva Blue House cluster, which is being used for social enterprises and welfare facilities, and the Mallory Street “Green House” project, which is now an arts center specializing in comics and animation.

Two others on Hong Kong Island are PMQ, the former Police Married Quarters on Hollywood Road, which is now a creative and design hub, and Oi!, the arts center in the former Yacht Club premises on Oil Street.

The old Tai Po police station – now the Green Hub promoting sustainable living – represents the New Territories.

The sixth stamp shows the Stone Houses Family Garden. This old tenement block dates from the Japanese occupation. After the war it became part of Hau Wong Temple New Village squatter area, and it was later used by movie studios.

Since restoration, the site has become an educational center, and is popular in the surrounding neighborhood for its open green space and a themed cafe.

The stamps are also high-tech: scan them with an app, and you can see augmented reality 3D images of the buildings on your device.

Bernard Charnwut Chan is chairman of The Jockey Club CPS Advisory Committee