Getting subtle with HK

Big Lychee》 Are Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing bores ranting uncontrollably about people disrespecting the Chinese national anthem as part of a competition to see who can shoe-shine the Communist Party most avidly? Or are their often-contradictory screeches masterminded by psy-ops United Front controllers at the Liaison Office to mesmerize us? The grim Rita Fan, Maria ‘heavyweight’ […]

Yesterday’s Patriotic Freak-Out Report

Big Lychee》 The Mouth-Froth Red-Light National-Security Freak-Out Alarms went off twice yesterday in Hong Kong. First of all, kids distributed  pro-independence leaflets at schools. Under Hong Kong’s legal system, there is no distinction between handing out leaflets advertising pizza delivery or calling for independence. But while we are waiting for Beijing to impose Mainland-style prohibition of splittism […]

Carrie’s latest struggle – to outperform CY

by biglychee / Today, 10:59 Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam admits to feeling hopeless (in sense 1, not 2). Clutching her pearls in desperation, she tells RTHK that she wants to bring a divided society together, but controversies get in the way. What she doesn’t mention is that these controversies are policies that Beijing is ordering her […]

Legco to vote on co-location plan despite democrats’ objections

EJ Insight》 Legco to vote on co-location plan despite democrats’ objections Nov 2, 2017 Deliberation on the co-location plan for the Express Rail Link has been blocked since last week due to democrats’ filibustering, only to begin on Wednesday. Photo: HKEJ The Legislative Council is likely to vote on Thursday on the co-location plan proposed […]

Why is there much dorm shortage in our universities?

EJ Insight》 Why is there much dorm shortage in our universities? by Ip Kin-yuen During the term of Tung Chee-hwa, Legco approved funding for 10,380 new university hostel places. That number was down dramatically to 676 when Leung Chun-ying was in office. Photo: Internet To address the pressing issue of acute shortage of dormitory places […]

Co-location debate stalls in Legco as democrats pull new trick

EJ Insight》 Co-location debate stalls in Legco as democrats pull new trick Lawmaker Eddie Chu played a key role in the pan-democrats’ efforts to delay a vote in the Legco on the government’s motion related to the cross-border express rail link. Photo: HKEJ Opposition lawmakers on Thursday stalled a Legislative Council debate on a motion […]